Welcome to Mobile Auto Junkie.

We come to you because your time is Important!

This will always be our Motto. Why? Because we believe that taking time out of your day to go to a shop can be frustrating, time consuming, and stressful. When we come to you, you can relax in your home and not worry about crowded Lobbies or waiting room.

You can always Expect and receive Top notch service from our Technicians, at a price that is less stressful on your Financial Standing.

There are a lot of people who do Mobile Auto Repairs in Colorado Springs. Anyone can make a card online these days and say they are an Automotive Repair Service. But that does not mean they are a real Business, Insured, Licensed, or Certified to do what they claim to do. If you would like Peace of Mind knowing that you are getting the right service from someone who knows what they are doing, Charging you based on real Labor Hours and not what they pull off the top of their heads.....

Call Mobile Auto Junkie Today. We service all of Colorado Springs, and some outlined areas(depending on Mileage). You will get a professional Quote with a Professional Price. If you Purchase parts with us we Warranty the Parts and our Work. If you provide the parts we will warranty our work.

Veteran Owned and Operated.

Serving the Colorado Springs area since 2017.

Our Services.

A few of the things we offer.

Front Door Service

Automotive Diagnostics. We will Diagnose your Vehicle right in front of you. Showing you Current Issue and Explaining it. If your check engine light is on we will explain the Codes and what can be done to fix it.

Service with a Smile

Our Staff will be friendly and Courteous from the moment you contact us to the end of services provided. It is our goal to make your vehicle Problems be as stress-less as we can. So you can move on with your day with out a Black cloud hanging over your head.

Fluid Changes

Need a Brake bleed, oil change, power steering bleed, brake flush, radiator flush, transmission fluid change, Etc.? We will do these all for a flat rate. We can also dispose of the Fluids for you.

General Automotive Repair

For a low $65.00 a Labor Hour. we can complete most work at your requested location. This does not include Rebuilds, or massive overhauls.

Aftermarket Stereo Systems

We also offer Aftermarket Stereo Installation. Call today for a price quote over the phone. FREE OF CHARGE!

Glass Recommendation

If you would like to have Glass Work done I would like to recommend.

Auto Glass Now

440 W Fillmore St

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone#: (719) 442-0999

They do Great work and are very professional.

Hours of Operation

Monday:            8am To 6pm

Tuesday:            8am To 6pm

Wednesday:       8am To 6pm

Thursday;           8am To 6pm

Friday:                8am To 6pm

Saturday:           8am To 7pm

Sunday:             Closed

We Accept all Major Credit and Debit cards. We also accept cash payments and Money Orders.

We sadly do not accept Checks and apologize in advance for the inconvenience.