We offer this in Non-Synthetic 5w-30 and 10w30 at 49.50 with change Oil and Filter. This only includes a Basic filter.

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We offer this in Non-Synthetic and Synthetic. We also offer different Types please call for pricing if you wish to use this product.

This is our most used Oil brand and considered the House brand. We offer this in Multiple types, non-synthetic,synthetic blend and Full synthetic. Starting at [email protected]

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Buyer Peace of Mind Inspection

Looking in to buying a new car? Worried that something might not be right with it? Want to make sure the Vehicle works right from the time of purchase? Do you not want to schedule an appointment to take it to a shop?

Well we are here to help. Now offering On site vehicle inspections before you buy. One of our techs will go with you to a Dealer or Car Lot, Look over the vehicle(s) you are interested in and let you know what if anything is wrong.

This Service starts at a Low price of $50 (includes going with you to the lot, Inspection of 3 Vehicles, and the comfort of knowing that you're not getting a lemon.) For each Additional Car include $20.

For 1 car from a private seller we charge a Fee of $35.

Call today to schedule your appointment. 719-308-2987

We also Offer these Fluids..

Transmission, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Pump Fluid, Coolant/Antifreeze.

This Products are on a needed Bases, If you would like to include this in a purchase ask about them when you call. We will be more then happy to help you with your product needs.